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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Luna City Arcade open to the public?
Luna City Arcade is our private home arcade. We do have semi-public Game Days every few months.

Do you charge money to play the games?
All of my machines are set on quarters, with quarters freely-dispensed by our vintage bill changers. This keeps the authenticity of actually having to put a quarter in a machine to play it. For insurance reasons, we do not charge any admission or allow people to use their own money to play the machines. This is to keep the arcade from being considered a "commercial" operation.

How do you keep the machines running?
I repair and maintain the machines myself. Can I keep up? No, not really. But I do try. It's definitely a full-time job.

Why don't you have a ______ machine?
If there is a machine that isn't in the collection, it's either because I don't like the game, or I simply haven't added it to the collection yet.

What does your wife think of the gameroom?
My wife is pretty adamant about telling people she is just as excited about the gameroom as I am.

How many games do you have?
We currently have about 68-70 machines. Only about 60 of those are in the arcade at the moment. The rest are still being restored. See the complete list of games here.

How big is the gameroom?
The arcade is 60' x 40' with 2 stories, a bathroom, and 12' ceilings.

Can you tell me about the construction of the gameroom?
See my construction journal.

What's your electricity bill like?
Not much different than it would be without the games. I only have the games turned on every few weeks or so, so it doesn't really amount to that much. People seem to have the impression that the games are on all the time.

Where did you get your blacklight carpeting?

Where can I buy an arcade game or pinball machine?
Go to either Coin-Op Warehouse, Quarter Arcade, TNT Amusements, Ajax Amusements, or Funhouse Amusements. These are all located in the Virginia / Pennsylvania area. You can also try eBay.

I have an arcade that doesn't work. Can you fix it?
I'm a sucker for broken machines, but unfortunately I have a long list of my own machines that need work.

Do you have an alarm system for the gameroom?
Hell yes.


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